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BGA storage

Neil Stoddart


BGA storage | 19 January, 2000

Help! I need to know what is the most cost effective and reliable method of storing BGA's at trackside, once they have been removed from their dry pack? The method of storage needs to keep the components below 20% RH, at room temperature without the need for nitrogen. In addition, an accurate method of recording the humidity level is required.

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Re: BGA storage | 19 January, 2000

You can buy desicant packs and indicator cards to place back in the original or a new bag with the BGA's and re-seal using a heat sealer (Vac Seal being the best). If properly done the material will be kept below the 20% RH level. Another option would be to purchase a desiccator cabnet a small 2"H x 1"W x 1.6"D could be purchased for around $4500.The cabnet will give you a continous read out on the humid level.

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