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Site Upgrade | 13 January, 2000

Hello SMTneters,

We have just put up a new upgrade/overhaul of the site. Check out the news release for details.

Since there are numerous changes throughout the site, please report any errors that occur, so that we can repair them immediately. Any comments also welcome and appreciated.

Thanks, Cliff

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Re: Site Upgrade | 13 January, 2000

Cliff: You, Mike, and all involved did good. The site looks COOL!!!!

Dave F

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Re: Site Upgrade | 14 January, 2000

Thank you for putting the original message with the response. This will save extra clicks of the mouse.

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Re: Site Upgrade | 17 January, 2000

Yeh, putting the threads together is a major plus to me too! Should be able to put a pun in there somewhere....


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