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100BT | 7 January, 2000

I found in one document the notation point-to-point 100BT serial connection. Do someone know what means this notation 100BT?!

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Re: 100BT | 7 January, 2000

SV: You're in the land of network protocols. Examples of network protocols are:

* 100 BaseT * 10 BaseT * Token Ring

Where your 100 => 100 MHz or Mbps and BT => BaseT => Base Ten.

You can purchase interface cards from a variety of sources on the net ( is fairly maroon compliant, which is why I like 'em). In addition to the interface card, each type of point-to-point protocol (PPP) requires different cabling. Your 100BaseT interface card requires a "Category 5 UTP cable" with transmission characteristics up to 100 MHz including 100 Mbps data rates.

Have fun

Dave F

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