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Pricing of SMT boards

Dick Casagrande


Pricing of SMT boards | 6 January, 2000

When going to a subcontractor for a board with mixed technology, primarily SMT, does anyone have a rule of thumb on pricing. So much per SMT component + so much for thru-hole + setup, of forget setup just use the component count. I'm just trying to get a ballpark on what price can be expected.

Any info will be appreciated.


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Re: Pricing of SMT boards | 7 January, 2000

I suggest you check out as many vendor at first as possible. Price varies greatly depending on your requirements.

Once you find a company that has a price range that you are comfortable with, most can provide you with their formula so that you can do your own estimates.

As an assembler, I sub-contract fab to many different fab houses based on my requirements. A PCB from one company may cost $9.00, and as much as $50.00 from a different vendor.

Feel free to conatac me if you would like some fab house references. I am sure I can help to find someone that will be able to fit your requirements.

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