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Siemens Productivity Lift Info Required



Siemens Productivity Lift Info Required | 5 January, 2000

Hi smt team :

I'm looking for info. on the Siemens productivity lift concept by actual users. Anyone has any info ?

On a related topics , can anyone refer sites where there are papers on equipment utilization improvement ? SMT line Cycletime simulator work sheets etc ?

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R Lahat


Re: Siemens Productivity Lift Info Required | 6 January, 2000


I was in the same boat. I had to run 3 siemens smt lines and get good results. I used the Arena simulation software to program in my 3 smt lines and found it very complicated but can be done. In parallel I took in industrial engineering students (4th year) to run a standard observation technique on the lines.

Second technique is very efficient in results - Good old method - as long as you are dealing with people running smt line in three shifts you need the human eye to get good results.

You will also find out that you want to hire one of the students when he graduates....


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Vishy Narayana


Re: Siemens Productivity Lift Info Required | 7 January, 2000


that's some you have more can email me, if it's not confidential..

by the way, what does Arena simulation software do ?

aside to all smt-netters :

Have you heard of any other SMT line simulator software ? pls. lemme know.


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Chen Zhou


Re: Siemens Productivity Lift Info Required | 12 January, 2000


We have a project to study the impact of productivity lift in SMT lines using discrete event simulation tools (AutoMod is what we use). As Mr. Lahat found out, the high fidelity simulation of productivity lift is non-trivial. However, we have made good progress. We will demonstrate at APEX and NEPCON West at Siemens booth. As you may imagine, the impact is highly dependent on applications. Our simulation with graphical emulation will allow users to customize to some degree to reflect their scenarios. We will prepare publications after the conferences.

If you have specific questions, please contact me.



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