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Orbotech Trion 2340 Questions

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Orbotech Trion 2340 Questions | 26 January, 2017

Hi all,

Let me introduce you to my problem.

Few months back I formed my first line and now at this point in time AOI inspection is a must. Because of a budged I decided to bay Trion 2340.

Little that I known machine came in without external conveyor but when I found out it was to late. Now I need to change Handler macro.

My question is can I do this on my own?

I have manual that explain it but I don't know how long would journey take. If someone had experience with this advice would be greatly appreciated.

Also shape that came in has 80MB of data. Here my question is can I use it for my own inspections or do I need to relearn. Library has quite a few components already made.

I created my own server for storing images-data and also connected it with repair station. Sharing files is now possible between them. What I heard form other people they do not recommend using Optimate.

Summarised questions:

Can shape and library that I got be used for my own inspections?

Can I edit handler macro myself in order to make machine fit my work?

For creating new shape how do I need to set up my repair station and server?

Any explanation or suggestion is welcomed!

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