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Asymtek Millenium NSZ sensor "does not trip" needle not aligned with sensor

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Asymtek Millenium NSZ sensor | 25 February, 2017

I'm setting up a asymtek millenium m-cob style dispenser for the first time and running through the master offsets routine but when it attempts to find the needle in the nsz needle sensor it works in the x direction but when it attempts to locate in the y direction the needle does not enter the slot and hits the top of the sensor body offset to the left. A message is displayed saying "sensor did not trip" and I can try again but it does the same thing. See video in the link below. I think there is some offset that is set wrong but not sure where. I did move the height sensor probe on the dispense head so there would be enough clearance to open the dispenser motor without removing the height sensor each time so perhaps that is where the issue lies. Any thoughts?

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Asymtek Millenium NSZ sensor | 7 March, 2017

It was indeed the fact that the height sensor needle was moved away from the dispense needle. Happened to find a height probe rod with longer reach in the spare parts shipped with the machine; with the height sense probe next to the needle the machine is working properly.

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