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0201 Capacitor Solder Printing

John Anderson


0201 Capacitor Solder Printing | 3 January, 2000

Has anyone had luck with 0201 cap board design, solder printing and reflow? IPC-SM-782 does not provide much help. I am particularly interested in attach pad design, stencil aperture design and thickness, solder paste (mesh, metal content, etc.), and reflow profile considerations. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: 0201 Capacitor Solder Printing | 3 January, 2000

Hi John,

I don't know if you are going to have a lot of luck obtaining this information. Currently 0201's are mostly used in Asia, and reliability issues have risen using these components. The problem is obtaining a reliable solder connection with a component this small can be very difficult if done at all. (The stuff is like sandpaper). I believe Mitsubishi is having to recall a lot of their products using these components due to this problem. I would recommend speaking to the component manufacturer and asking them about these issues. I am sure they can probably help you or guide you in the right direction. Another thing you can do is speak to your solder paste and stencil manufacturer they might have some info on this.


Deon Nungaray SMT Mfg Engineer GMI USA

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Brian E. Steelglove


Re: 0201 Capacitor Solder Printing | 4 January, 2000


I work for Panasonic Create and I just got back from Japan where we sat through a presentation on pad layout and stencil layout on the 0201. Please give me your fax number and I will send it right over. Sorry I do not have it on disk.

Brian E. Steelglove Panasonic Create Tell# 847 288 4487

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