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Mail Service

Robert Culpepper


Mail Service | 31 December, 1999

Does SMTNET support POP3 email. I would like to be able to download messages from my mail account.

Thanks, Robert Culpepper

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Re: Mail Service | 31 December, 1999


SMTnet web email is not POP3 and we don't have any plans to move to POP3. Although we were planning to add a "forwarding" feature. With that feature turned on, any mail sent to your smtnet account would be forwarded to your POP account (or any email account).

In a couple of weeks, we are planning to make an upgrade to the site, and I will look into adding it then. The web email component is one of the components being upgraded.

Any questions, comments please let me know. Cliff

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Re: Mail Service | 16 March, 2000

I must be having a "mature-moment." My mailbox has two messages in it. The pop-up shows them in que but I can't find the magic button to open them. I click on the "personal mail" button and nada happens. What's the trick?


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