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gsm software question


gsm software question | 28 December, 1999

quick question is it possible to place BGA's with a GSM running software version 1.3.5?

thank you

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Larry Johnson


Re: gsm software question | 29 December, 1999

Yes, you can place BGA's with your GSM using that software. However, I don't know how critical you want to be when reading the bumps, if you want to read them at all. I did an experiment once using the same BGA, using both bump process A and E . E will not place if it finds a missing ball. Process A did... Just play with it. If your BGA's are 1.27 pitch, reading the bumps are completely nessacary.. GOOD LUCK

Jason, feel free to add to this... you can provide more then I can.

Larry J

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Re: gsm software question | 29 December, 1999

What's happenin Larry, I am not sure if bump proccess E is available on this particuliar software rev. but I have forgotten?????? It shouldn't matter; bump proccess A will work fine. The only things you have to do is make sure the pick up point is accurate and you are getting a clear image of the arrays. With this bump proccess it can miss a full column or row and not skip a beat. You will have parts everywhere! If using a PTF go ahead and slow down the belt speed. If you haven't placed BGA before there is no need in extra trouble-shooting. You might want to try using the lowest light level you can get away with to reduce the chances of any artwork on the bottom of the part being mistaken as a ball. Also make sure you do not overlap arrays when defining the part. Hope this helps!

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