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quoting smt assembly

mike d


quoting smt assembly | 23 December, 1999

Good morning. I am currently in the process of validating our quoting process in comparison to what our colleagues are doing. If anyone could let me know what is the average cost per component for their smt operations I would really appreciate it. I am not too concerned with the equipment used so much as just a general feel for what other companies are averaging for cost per component. I have checked the archives and not turned up too much as per specific cost per component for other companies. Any feedback regarding this would be appreciated.

Thanks, Mike

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Glen Robertson


Re: quoting smt assembly | 23 December, 1999

Mike -

I'm not in the EMS business, but I suspect most of them are very reluctant to reveal much about their quoting process. You might want to try some of the third-party data suppliers like Ceeris (, and you can also check the Circuits Assembly November '99 issue. It has an article on the EMS business with a table showing placement costs ranging from a few cents for passives and small ICs to a few dollars for components like BGAs and CSPs. Hope this helps.

Glenn Robertson

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Re: quoting smt assembly | 23 December, 1999

Cost per placement measure - Morris 10:26:59 10/04/1999 quoting smt - wayne sanita 19:44:01 06/08/1999

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