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Yamaha YM84 (Phillips CSM84) Optimisation

Paul Isaacs


Yamaha YM84 (Phillips CSM84) Optimisation | 21 December, 1999

Does anyone know of effective pick and placement optimisation tools for the Yamaha YM84 (Phillips CSM84). We are small manufacturers that have 2 YM84 machines, 1 being a triple pick machine for placing jelly beans and the other for placing IC's. We are running out of capacity and I believe that the manual pick optimisations are letting us down. I am looking for software that will: 1. Convert Protel CAD files to mount data. 2. Optimise feeder position and mount data for best throughput. 3. Allow us to easily load balance between the two machines.

Are there any users of these machines of software suppliers out there that have solutions to these problems? if so, I would like to hear of your experiences, regards Paul Isaacs

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Re: Yamaha YM84 (Phillips CSM84) Optimization | 21 December, 1999

Paul: Assuming you don't want to buy more feeders, take one of these two angles:

1 Philips markets line optimization software. 2 Independant CAD/CAM sofware suppliers (ie, aegis, gencam) sell line optimizers. The names of such folk are in the archives.


Dave F

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