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Laser Marking using 2D Matrix Code

Chuck Morehouse


Laser Marking using 2D Matrix Code | 16 December, 1999

I am looking for some input to peoples experiences using a laser to mark 2d matrix codes onto PCB's.

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John O'Brien


Re: Laser Marking using 2D Matrix Code | 17 December, 1999

Chuck: Your best resource is the Symbology Research Center in Huntsville AL. In is a research and development facility run by RVSI Acuity CiMatrix, the folks who invented the Data matrix (DM) 2-D code. This facility is unbiased as to technologies and can provide a wealth of information about different marking techniques they use on PCBs - laser, inkjet, etc. and the positives and negatives of each. For example, they have provided methods to serialize boards, post the board's repair history right on the board in DM format, and update it each time it is serviced. They work closely with NASA under the Space Technology Transfer Act and have more knowledge about safe, effective, and low cost marking technology than anyone in the world. Further, I believe their services are free. You can get to their website through the RVSI website at then hit the listing for Symbology Research Center. Don Roxby is the Director of the Center and Carl Sewall is one of their top engineers with significant expertise in this area. Good luck- feel free to use my name in your contact. Let me know if they help you. -John

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