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Larry Johnson


CP4-2 | 14 December, 1999

Okay, I have recently found tiny little ball bearings in side our CP4-2. Some have even been reported by operators to be found on top of the PCB while it is running. We have found about ten total so far, any ideas of where these would be comming from? I tend to think from some where in the cam, since some where found on top of a board.


Larry J.

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K3 Equipment


Re: CP4-2 | 14 December, 1999


Most likely coming from L & M guide at placing station. Depending on size of bearing, also could be bouncing up from z axis.

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Re: CP4-2 | 15 December, 1999

Larry, What has been removed from the machine lately. Most bearings don't just fall apart while running without giving some type of warning. My experiance with LM bearings is they usually don't just fall out, most cases the bearing block was removed from the guide. On the CP4 check the 10th station and maybe around the 7th. If bearings are falling out, SOMETHING IS GOING TO BE LOOSE!

good luck! Bubba

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