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Fine Pitch Taped and Reeled



Fine Pitch Taped and Reeled | 12 January, 2001

What has been your experance with fine pitch parts taped and reeled? Will I have lead problems?

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Fine Pitch Taped and Reeled | 15 January, 2001

First, we have never repackage devices, as you propose. Our schedule has us standing at Receiving like panting dogs waiting for the material required to jump the job, much less giving up the time and money to have parts repackaged.

Second, fabricators pack these devices in trays for a reason and it is NOT to save a couppla bucks. They want to protect the devices from damage. I doubt that fabricators will package to your specification. You're going to have to repackage these pups.

Third, I doubt you'd have any protection from moisture sensitivity left after repackaging. Then, you'd have to buy a vacuum bake oven, negating all the money you're saving [or whatever cockamamee reason you want to do this].

Forth, just go out and buy the tray elevator. It'll save you money overall and give less agida [something rarely considered in equipment justifications]

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