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What Happened??

Larry Johnson


What Happened?? | 3 December, 1999

I thought that you guys were going to change the site back to the way it was. Where you could read all the responces to a posting at once, without haveing to "click" on each individual responce. It wouldn't be that big of a deal, if the site ran quicker. Didn't you guys take some downtime a few weeks ago that was suppose to speed up this site?

Concered In Houston

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Re: What Happened?? | 4 December, 1999


We will be adding the view all messages in a thread on a single page feature shortly. It is in development. Also, it will be different than before. The previous forum version held the parent messages within its message. Now we will show each message, even child and sibling messages, in a single page, giving you the entire thread. It will take longer to download one of those pages than the current setup, because it will have all of the messages in the page. Also, we will leave the current method as an option.

We have moved to a new server that has plenty of CPU, bandwidth, and memory available, and has been performing very well. If you are still having problems, send me an email, and I'll help isolate the problem.

If there are any other features or ideas, then please let us know.


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