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CP4-2 XY Table

Larry Johnson


CP4-2 XY Table | 2 December, 1999

Okay, I believe that the XY table on our CP4-2 is not working correctly. When we place smaller parts (603,805,RNETS, etc...) they aren't seated in the paste all the way. Larger parts aren't a problem. They are kind of "floating" on top of the paste. I have had to reduce the part height considerabliy to get them to place down in the paste. How can this table be checked to see if it is in sync with the part height in the PD's. Hope this makes since...

Thanks.. Larry J

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Mark Anderson


Re: CP4-2 XY Table | 3 December, 1999

Firstly, Verify your Z-height per the procedure in the Maintenance manual. In general, release the placement stopper and rotate cam onto flat surface of board with z-axis at zero. There should be 0.15 mm compression of the spring

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Re: CP4-2 XY Table | 7 December, 1999

Added to MARK suggestion, you should verify you xy table height also by using the meter listed in the maintenace manual. If everything is fine, then i suggest you should check the placement air kisses( can suck your component back up or release to quick before your nozzle came all the way down) the big part can place fine due to the weight. Also listed in the manual.

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