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CP4-2 XY Table

Larry Johnson


CP4-2 XY Table | 2 December, 1999

Okay, I believe that the XY table on our CP4-2 is not working correctly. When we place smaller parts (603,805,RNETS, etc...) they aren't seated in the paste all the way. Larger parts aren't a problem. They are kind of "floating" on top of the paste. I have had to reduce the part height considerabliy to get them to place down in the paste. How can this table be checked to see if it is in sync with the part height in the PD's. Hope this makes since...

Thanks.. Larry J

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Robert Halliday


Re: CP4-2 XY Table | 4 December, 1999

Run a DTI over the X and Y edges of the table to ensure that your XY table is flat, adjust the four small screws to suit. Also check that the Z cams are not worn and that the Z cam followers are not siezed or worn(they are prone to flat spots when worn)

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