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SMP1 to SMEMA | 1 December, 1999

is there an adapter or cable to run from SMP1 to SMEMA connection. What do each mean and are they in someway interchangable?

I have a conveyor w/ SMP1 that is to be connected to a machine w/ SMEMA....

any thoughts?

thank you greg

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Mike Eskridge


Re: SMP1 to SMEMA | 8 December, 1999

Yes, there are several conveyor companies that make a conversion box for SMP1 to SMEMA and SMEMA to SMP1. Basically they are just to differant standards for cable conections between machines. SMEMA stands for Surface Mount Equipment Manufacturers Association and I don't remember what SMP1 is. You will find that most newer machines are equiped with SMEMA. Try contacting the vendor of your equipment most have it readily available.

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