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SMT Zero-defect Soldering

Mark D. Milward


SMT Zero-defect Soldering | 29 November, 1999

We are in the process of researching and gathering information on establishing a zero-defect soldering program. I am sending for an IPC video on the subject. I am particularly interested in getting some direction and hearing from those of you in the industry that have existing programs.

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Re: SMT Zero-defect Soldering | 1 December, 1999

Mark: Ralph Woodgate is a "god" of solderability control programs. We have:

� Been attending his seminars for, maybe 8 to 10 years ... who keeps track when you�ve been breathin� fumes that long? � Three different editions of his "Handbook Of Machine Soldering" on our library shelves. � Several "Circuits Assembly" Woodgate work books.

$500 (or whatever it is ...) sounds steep for a couple of tapes, when you consider that your local SMTA chapter probably sponsored a Woodgate seminar within the past year or two. For that price you could buy Woodgate's and Klein Wassink's books and "bank" the difference to sponsor a road trip for a car-load of you to go see/hear him next time he comes a town near-by.

As with any consultant "schtick," Mr. Woodgate presents many good ideas ... some practical and others not so. And that�s where the value in determining the practicality of and being determined in implementing proposals comes-into play. To be clear, I don�t think of Woodgate as "SMT Zero Defect Soldering," as you indicated. I�d say "40/25/35" "wave/reflow/material control and management" is more of the balance I expect.

Now for balance, other outstanding soldering gurus are: Werner Engelmaier, Jennie Hwang, Ralph Manko, and Les Hymes state-side and Bob Willis and SMART in the UK.

Go get 'em

Dave F

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Mark D. Milward


Re: SMT Zero-defect Soldering | 2 December, 1999

Dave F.

Thanks for the info. I've spoken with Ralph and Les Hymes in the past and have taken Manko seminars before. I read something not long ago that Dr. Juran had written on the subject of Zero-defect soldering programs and was hoping for responses from those in the industry that had actually implemented one. I understood it to a structured type of implementation process. I've been in SMT since 1982 and will participate more in the forum. What do you know about setting up a Contract (SMT/PWA) assembly operation from scratch. The financing is being supported by a Economic Development commission that wants to set up an operation and bring in jobs. My hangup is in the marketing...


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Re: SMT Zero-defect Soldering | 3 December, 1999

Mark: I'd say Woodgate has as structured zero defects soldering program as anyone.

That's great that someone is funding your start-up.

I'd suggest that you get (or find someone who is technically competent and) comportable with selling.


Dave F

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Re: SMT Zero-defect Soldering | 7 December, 1999

Dave, the zero-defect is impossible through my understand in a high volume or proto run manufacturing. Base on theory i have read, yes of course it should be. but practical side of view, it is impossible. you are talking about plenty of variable to work with. Equipment capability, solder property, procedure, disciplinary and capability of the people who are handling it, and control process that need constant monitor. Zero-defect no way. but if you talk about 1 or 2 pieces to work with. well yes. but thousand or hundred of time. think about it. all you can do is minimize the defect and process improvement through DFM and constand improve through production.

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Re: SMT Zero-defect Soldering | 8 December, 1999

sin: You're correct, there is no defect reduction program that's perfect, in fact nothing is perfect!!!! That's why people talk about 6 sigma and not 20 sigma!!!! If you had a perfectly controlled process, you'd still have defects due to random variation.

Are you implying that you shouldn't set-up a program with the goal a eliminating defects??? So what's your alternative??? Yeh, let's setup at 500,000 ppm defects is acceptable program. Hey, I wonder if you boss would rip your face off if you proposed that!!!

My 2�

Dave F

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