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Francis E. Farrugia


SMT Video | 27 November, 1999

One of the modules covered at undergraduate level at our University is Electronic Manufacturing. It would be appreciated if a copy of a video dealing with SMT assembly would be sent to: Ing. F.E. Farrugia Manufacturing Engineering Department University of Malta Malta Europe

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Re: SMT Video | 8 December, 1999

Apologies to all who go beezerk (I'm one) when some maroon dredges-up an old thread (usually so they can babble in some thinly 'gised advert). I'm not doing that.

I go more beezerk when we let someone's quiry go unanswered. Anyhow ...

Francis: Assuming you don't want to pay IPC or Bob Willis for your vid, why not contact equipment suppliers? Many of them produce vids to market their products. They give them away to potential customers. I'm certain you could get some of those vids that you could slice, dice, and splice into a meaningful vid with a moderate amount of propaganda for your students.

Good luck

Dave F

To anyone that's beezerk as a result of this: HIT "return to prtevious page" and GET OVER IT!!!

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