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PD for CP4-2

Larry Johnson


PD for CP4-2 | 23 November, 1999

I am currently having trouble writting a PD for the part that is layed out in the link below. I am placing this part with a CP4-2 with SMD3 vision. I think my main problem is with the Vision #, but if you would please take a look at the link below, and let me know what you think.... (copy the text below, and paste it into the address bar of your web browser) Thanks

Thanks.. Larry Johnson

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Re: PD for CP4-2 | 24 November, 1999

Hi Larry;

Have you tried just to place it as a square. Or if all fails try vision 254 255. Just be carefull with this as it will place nothing if the reel runs out. Give me a call.

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Re: PD for CP4-2 | 24 November, 1999

Larry, Carl's right about vision 254 and 255 but I believe CP4's can be set up to check for a part on the nozzle,(parts check sensor)like any other CP. This could be activated to make sure parts are being placed. Then again CP4's might not have it and I would be a liar! Hopefully I'm not,

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Re: PD for CP4-2 | 30 November, 1999


TRy using #254 and front light the part. When you define the leads leave plenty of tolerance and use a P-Pattern of 34.

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