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Siemens ( Siplace ) BGA inspection



Siemens ( Siplace ) BGA inspection | 19 November, 1999

I have recently started programming Siemens equipment (Monday) and am a little confused on some issues. When inspecting BGA packages does the machine locate a corner ball and use it as an anchor to locate the rest? If not how does it know that it has found all the balls located in the grid and not just a reflection from the underside of the part? Thanks for your help,

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nick mata


Re: Siemens ( Siplace ) BGA inspection | 19 November, 1999

If you are seeing reflection on the underside of the part, I would first begin with the recommended light levels for the BGA. You should be able to obtain the levels from the Siemens help desk. There is a 2 to 3 page document with levels for a variety of parts.

You can also adjust the transform parameter to further "filter out" the background.

As to whether it anchors off of the corners I beieve this is true and there will be a parameter with which you define the group of balls the vision system will look for at the corners.

The inspection will also look for the indvidual balls.

Reference your manuals for detail concerning how the system is actually able to "diffentiate" the inner part of the ball versus the outer.

I would suggest you look into attending the GF training offered by Siemens since this an good resources.

One other item you may want to get information on is Siemen's Remote Diagnostic option.

Hope this is of help. Nick

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Re: Siemens ( Siplace ) BGA inspection | 19 November, 1999

Thank you for the info but when I say anchor I am asking if it uses only one ball (pin one). I believe you are saying it uses a predefined number from every corner to map out the part according to the description given inside the GF. If this is true, what would happen when you describe your component with a smaller ball count? Would it locate the amount needed and forget about the rest? Sorry for so many questions, I am not to impressed by these machines.

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