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Samsung cp40c software

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Samsung cp40c replace s.o. and software | 26 November, 2017

I nave a cp40c macchine but on the HD have a bad cluster the system operating win98 will no start. Can anyone help me About how to install the samsung control program? It possibile to copy this program from hold hard disk to new hard disk? Which nams has the file that contain the data machine. I dont have the floppy for the installation samsung program

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Samsung cp40c replace s.o. and software | 29 November, 2017

It should be possible to use Ghost to copy the Harddisk nut installing it in another machine. The next trick is to repair the image by cutting the missing bit from another image made on a Virtual Machine. Be careful to use the same version that was on your original Harddisk. An alternative would be to use the repair function that is built into the WIN95 installer.

Anyway goodluck!


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Samsung cp40c replace s.o. and software | 30 November, 2017

Hi sarason The O.S. is win98 not win95. The repair function is chkdsk? Beacause the O.S. not start do you think the start chkdsk from DOS? Thanks Roberto

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Samsung cp40c replace s.o. and software | 1 December, 2017

When you go repairing resources like one time copies of an installed OS for a machine like yours , you have to treat it like your life depended on it. So get a copy of the harddisk before you attempt to repair it no matter which methodology you use. From your copy one strategy, could be to create another copy of your Win98 version and then Diff the 2 together with a utility like "Beyond Compare". Look for the differences and then copy them into the missing space. A more hit and miss method would be to use Chkdsk of the appropriate generation for your Win98 or Norton Commander/ Anyway the amount of progress you make will determine your next step!

regards sarason

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