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cartridge filter for lead



cartridge filter for lead | 19 November, 1999

I am looking for a source of replaceable cartridge filters to remove lead that is in solution in the water from my defluxing system. All sources and/or comments are appreciated!

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Re: cartridge filter for lead | 23 November, 1999

I'm not a chemical guy, I'm a cleaning system guy. From my experience, lead does not normally go into solution unless there is an additive to your water (i.e saponifier), and if this is the case, you will need a membrane system (R.O.) to get it back out

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Re: cartridge filter for lead | 24 November, 1999

Hi Wade As Steve says - are you sure that the lead is in solution? Particulate lead like solder balls is much easier to remove. The answers are going to depend on total output in gallons, maximum flow required and what has to be removed. If you're talking about the output of a cleaning system it's probably too much for a small cartridge system. Testing the output would be in order. Some filter companies will do this for you in order to propose the right kind of system. Small capacity filters for particulate or in solution lead are available from McMaster-Carr. Remember that the spent cartridges will probably be classified as hazardous waste and require proper(legal)disposal. Good luck John Thorup

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Re: cartridge filter for lead | 30 November, 1999

The lead Wade is speaking about is not (technically) in solution. It is in suspension (or someting like that). The lead is solder balls, flakes, and the like that is offal from his soldering process. He needs to filter this material from the waste water treatment process (be it in-house or at the municipal plant). He wants a 20 micron cartridge or bag filter from Granger or one of those folks that he can replace periodically.


Dave F

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