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PCB panelization method



PCB panelization method | 14 November, 1999

Hi, SMTnetters,

Could anyone advise where I can find information describing a method called "push-back" ( I hope this name is correct) of arranging individual PCBs into a panel?

Regards, KenF

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- bobar


Re: PCB panelization method | 16 November, 1999


The technology you are referring to is also known as return-to-web. This panelization method involves a hard tooled perimeter die and a press equipped with an air cushion. The PCB circuit is punched out and then inserted or "pushed" back into the frame of scrap material. This method works well for thru-hole technology utilizing CEM-1 and CEM-3 materials, but is not very pratical for FR-4 substrates. (Although it has been done using relief slots.) This process is not feasible for SMT assembly due to registration and planar issues. I have used this technology very effectively in situations with irregular shaped PCBs and creating common PCB widths for minimim set-up change-over. PCB costs savings of 1-5% are also likely since one of the cost drivers in PCB fabrication is NC route time.

Geographically, I have only seen this commonly used in mid-west U.S. punch-and-crunch PCB shops. For more information, you can contact sales representative Joe Hennessey of Greenslade Sales @ (847) 593-3450. He represents Bartlett Mfg. located in Cary Illinois.

Good Luck, - bobar

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