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Jason Nipper


Delmat | 12 November, 1999

I have been actively experimenting with Selective WS pallets fabricated from Delmat. I need feedback from users on life expectancy, demesion constraints relative to warpage or degradation, and any useful info on ways to maximize life and prevention of solder migration to masked off areas would be appreciated.

Thanks, Jason

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Rob Fischer


Re: Delmat | 17 November, 1999

CDM is a quality material. Life expectancy can't be stated in time but should be termed in cycles. I'm aware of companies with more than 50,000 passes. These companies have a documented maintenence program for their pallets including PM and cleaning. There are other materials that are comparable including Durastone, ECP Plus and Duropol. All of these materials may be sourced by your friendly pallet manufacturers. EMC Global, SP and Stone Mountain to name a few.

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Jason Nipper


Re: Delmat | 22 November, 1999

Thanks Rob, I figured a PM schedule would be a must. I will be checking out Durapol in my next pallet.

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