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Touchscreen monitor for Universal/Sanyo HSP

Lee Radney


Touchscreen monitor for Universal/Sanyo HSP | 10 November, 1999

We lost the video on a touchscreen monitor that goes in in our HSP 4791 machine. The touchscreen still works but the monitor portion is dead. The monitor is a Mitsubishi Model number XC-1498C II... The Microtouch numbers are as follows....Model # - XC-1498CII..S/N# MT94-1052...Part number 13-13215...I can't find any information for this monitor. The connectors on the monitor are a 9 pin serial connection for the touchscreen and a 15 pin two row connector for the video. Anyone had any luck replacing this with a different model of touchscreen. These touchscreens are available from Universal for $8700, but I was hoping to find something a little less expensive. The 15 pin connector is exactly like a MAC monitor, but we tried a MAC monitor on the HSP and the video portion did not work. Is there some difference between older generation MAC monitors and some of the newer ones. Sorry for the questions, but I'm a IBM compatible guy only!.....

Thanks for all the help,


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