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BGA vs. QFP Packaging.

Gary Moravchik


BGA vs. QFP Packaging. | 6 November, 1999

I am seeking sources of reliability and thermal stress data that compares BGA (50mil ball pitch) to QFP (20mil lead pitch)packaging for automative applications. Substrate material is epoxy glass. The ultimate goal is to collect sufficient data to help make a solid engineering as to whether QFP or BGA packaing should be employed. Do any sources come to mind? Thanks for your assistance.

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Re: BGA vs. QFP Packaging. | 9 November, 1999

Gary: Three things to look at in preparing do your lab work:

1 Delco uses boat-loads of array devices, use your contacts there for information. 2 SMTA Journal publishes much relaibility study information. 3 "Solder Joint Reliability of Bga, Csp, Flip Chip, and Fine Pitch Smt Assemblies," John H. Lau, Yi-Hsin Pao, McGraw Hill, ISBN: 0070366489


Dave F

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