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Flux tanks

Rich Cary


Flux tanks | 5 November, 1999

We are looking for some sealed (pressurized?) flux tanks with low qty. warning for use with our Tamura spray flux machines. I have heard that a company named "Binks" has made similar tanks for other companies, but when I search on the net for them I can't get beyond the 30 million "Jar Jar Binks" sites!

Any ideas? We currently pump flux directly from their shipping containers and are having trouble with air getting in the pump lines.

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Re: Flux tanks | 5 November, 1999

Hi Rich It couldn't be simpler. Their main products are for paint and chemical spraying so it is likely that you will find a stock item that fulfills your need. good luck John Thorup

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Re: Flux tanks | 5 November, 1999

You know, Rich - if the only problem with your present method of delivery is that the container runs dry and the pump sucks air you can add a non-invasive low level alarm quite simply and for about $100. A suitable adjustable sensitivity capacitive proximity detector has the ability to sense liquid levels through a plastic container (assuming your flux comes in a plastic container). Build a simple holder/platform for your container with the sensor mounted on the side near the bottom so it touches the container at the desired cutoff level. Add some sort of signalling device and when the liquid level gets down past the sensor it will sound off. Grainger has the sensors. John Thorup

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Re: Flux tanks | 5 November, 1999

No matter what type container you use, air in the delivery line will always be a problem. When you pop the lid on a pressurized container, fill it with a liquid and reseal it, air will be present over the liquid. Where do you think it goes?It has to work it's way through the liquid delivery system. Problem is an air bubble trapped at the nozzle tip means no flux is coming out. The unit says it's spraying and the board doesn't solder. Some fluxer mfg's have fitted a bleeder valve next to the spray head specifically to address this problem. Every time the tank is filled and repressurized, the bleeder is opened and allowed to pee until all the air is purged. Good luck. Ray

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