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Eric Maddy


Network | 4 November, 1999

Can anyone out there suggest a good computer network for a small EMS company. Basically I don't need it to be a huge setup ,just something basic that can handle all of my inter-office mail, company e-mail accounts and website setup. I also need this network to be able to handle all of the everyday activities of the business.

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Re: Network | 4 November, 1999


You can connect NT systems together with little problem, using ethernet network cards with twisted pair cables and a hub. The only expense is the NT operating systems. NT also has a personal web server, so you can have your own Intranet. For your email and website, you may want to pay $20/month and go with a web hosting service.

Also Linux is free with apache web server which is also free, and I hear they have gone leaps from the older difficult installations. Windows machines should be able to hook into them via ethernet and hub also.

Hope that gives you a general idea, Cliff

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