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Moonman - may I join you?



Moonman - may I join you? | 4 November, 1999

Hi, all!

I've been away in the USA for 10 days and, coming back, I find that various questions which I had asked of the staff at SMTnet had been totally ignored. I have therefore taken the decision to resign from the Editorial Board of SMT Express and to no longer participate in the forums (they were warned of this happening). I think there are a couple of articles in the pipeline which may appear yet in SMT Express and the management are welcome to use these. Thereafter, don't expect anything more. I am removing the site from my bookmarks.

Although this decision may resemble Moonman's, the immediate cause is somewhat different. However, the root cause is, I suppose, somewhat similar.

If any of you wish to discuss with me - or others - anything related to cleaning or not cleaning, I run a crude forum at the URL below and you would be most welcome to participate there, as well as here.

I wish you all well with no SMT-related problems. I've enjoyed working with you.


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Re: Moonman - may I join you? | 4 November, 1999

Did I miss Moonman's leaving? Was it posted?


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Re: Moonman - may I join you? | 4 November, 1999

Yes, the Moon has set. Final signoff was 10.1.99 and several threads appearing in the previous 10 days or so sort of say why. List by author to check. I was out for most of this period and missed it as well. I went looking after Brian's post. I disturbs me that some of the more prolific and learned participants of this forum are seemingly being driven off by some actions of the operators. I know that this is a profit making (hopefully) enterprise the operators can do as they see fit but if we don't care to show up anymore the advertisers won't be around for very long either. Please don't destroy the feeling of belonging and the value of this forum. (and ultimately the forum itself) I have a sense of the forum changing in the last month or so, and not necessarily for the better. I'm not sure I can quite put my finger on it. I hope I'm not shouting into the wind (or passing it). Let's hear what all of you have to say. John Thorup

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Keith Luke


Re: Moonman - may I join you? | 4 November, 1999

Recent weeks have indeed seen the departure of Earl Moon and Brian from our forum. We recognize that both were valuable contributors to our growing community, and regret their decisions to apparently move on.

The staff at SMTnet has worked hard to build and maintain a site that is valuable to the electronics manufacturing community. The past six weeks have been a period of transition here at SMTnet, a brief period while our small staff has been focused on many �backend� issues related to the site. During this time, we have admittedly not been our usual proactive selves. Again, we regret that we have not been as communicative with our users as we have in the not-so-distant past. Fortunately, other aspects of our transition have gone more smoothly.

In October, we expanded the forum section to include a broader array of participation from the electronics manufacturing community. We are taking a major step in moving the site onto our own dedicated server, offering better performance and the potential to access more bandwidth than ever before. We expect to go live on the new server next weekend. We have secured the support of our major contributing advertisers for 1999/2000, and are introducing an innovative new strategy we are confident will make the SMTnet forum more popular than ever (more on that to come!). After more than three years, we are finally in a position (both in terms of hardware and finances) to market the site to new users, improve our services and manage the business operation of the site simultaneously.

Clearly, there is much to be excited and upbeat about at SMTnet. We recognize that our first priority needs to be our loyal users, and with some major developmental milestones behind us, you can now expect our usual form. It is unfortunate that Earl and Brian could not bear with us through this period; given ample time to reflect, they are welcome to return to the flock. And so we move on, rededicating ourselves to the cause at hand.

SMTnet is a company that runs largely without traditional titles. Cunli Jia, who�s title was alternately �Manager� and �Product Development Director� left the company in early September to pursue other opportunities. The parting was amicable, and we continually reflect on his vision for the site�s development as we move forward. I will be stepping into Cunli�s role as �Content Manager� and working with users to improve our site through a process of constructive and open dialogue.

Our goal is to make SMTnet a resource that users will enthusiastically recommend to their colleagues. We owe much of our success to the referrals of other users. I look forward to working with you to make SMTnet just such a place, and appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.

Thank your for your patience.

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Jeff Sanchez


Re: Moonman - may I join you? | 4 November, 1999

Hey Brian, We are not sure what it is you are referring too? If you feel they did not respond promptly than I am assuming that you picked up the phone and asked them what's up? Your thread just came across as bashing and a little negative, as it was probably intended. I noticed you took the opportunity to accuse a guy of trying to sell his vapor phase machine on the forum, which he was not! Yet you seem to feel ok with promoting your site. We'll see what happens when you get 20,000 responses a month on your site and how fast you respond to peoples questions. This site is a great site for every body. If you had problems and feel you need to go than why share your negativity with us? You got a lot of good knowledge and understanding in your field. I made it a point to grab your posting on fluxes cause I felt it was the best written! But Brian a bad attitude kills good knowledge and delivery is everything. Maybe some things are changing around here but not necessarily for the worst. I know that people like yourself aren't paid to put forth your knowledge but in return you do get a compensation. It's free exposure to your piers. Advertisement last time I checked was at a premium. We make friends and contacts as well as generate business off this site all the time. Maybe you overlooked your benefit package! If people feel compelled to help this site by writing articles and papers they should understand that it gives them an edge as far as credibility with the forum. That is payment enough. If you want to be treated as a special individual be prepared to have your feelings hurt! So who am I to say such a thing? I'm one of those 20,000 people that you just wrote too! Lets not forget why this cool play ground works. So if ya wanna take your ball and go home than fine! See Ya, Jeff Sanchez

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Re: Moonman - may I join you? | 8 November, 1999

Well Keith, I certainly overestimated this community's desire to voice its feelings about the recent departures and the general state of SMTnet over the last several weeks. I suppose it is for the best that we just get on with it. Like most busy professionals in SMT assembly I have a limited amount of time to devote to on-line activities. I count SMTnet as one of the two that I regularly participate in and certainly hope that it will continue to be. I share your excitement for the future and assure you of my continuing support. John Thorup

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Earl Moon


Re: Moonman - may I join you? | 10 November, 1999

Interesting post by the owner. Cunli told an entirely different story about his departure that precipitated mine. I'm of no consequence but Cunli will always be missed until something changes beyond fluff as forum style improvements. Where's the substance Cunli and I used to talk about when visualizing this forum's direction and future?

Nancy, I couldn't reply to you at your email address, but I will miss you as well. Until I'm no longer allowed, I'll continue writing my column but have no idea if anyone reads it as management doesn't give me a clue.

Had to respond to what I think may be an untruth about Culi's departure.


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