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Humidity Of Assembly Area

Chris May


Humidity Of Assembly Area | 4 November, 1999

We manufacture opto-electronics, small ccd cameras for pipeline inspection. I was wondering if anyone knew of a standard value for the recommended humidity of an assembly environment for optos in particular or for general electronic assembly.

We had a "flood" the other month and are having some process problems in various areas.

I am monitoring the humidity at present but I need to know what the benchmark is.


Chris "Damp" May

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Scott Cook


Re: Humidity Of Assembly Area | 4 November, 1999

Hi Chris.

Can't specifically address optos, but I have spec'd RH requirements and Temp requirements for new facilities I helped design for manufacturing here in FL (humidity center of the universe). For an overall benefit, I considered the potential for OA, RA, RMA, SA, and no-clean chemistries.

I specified 75 degrees F, with a max facility swing of +/-5 deg. F, and 60% RH, +/- 5%. Don't forget about shipping doors being left open, and employee ingress and egress during breaks and lunch. These activities can dramatically change your building environment if they aren't handled. Air curtains work........

Got GREAT results with these specs.


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Re: Humidity Of Assembly Area | 4 November, 1999

Whoa Scott, them's serious numbers!!! ;-) But then again, it depends on what you're doing doesn't it?

Chris: Try ANSI-J-STD-001, which says 18-30�C, 30-70%RH

Good luck

Dave F

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