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mixed technology

jacob lacourse


mixed technology | 3 November, 1999

does anyone know of a way to reflow thru hole components at the same time as smt components. i would really appreciate it someone could give me some information on this or maybee tell me where i can get some info on this application. thanks in advance.

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Re: mixed technology | 3 November, 1999

This has come up a number of times recently and a search for intrusive reflow or pin in hole reflow will reveal several threads. Also a good resource is the link below. From what has been stated on many of these forums and my own pre-production testing this is a very viable process when used for a suitable assembly. Be aware that many of your present components may not withstand reflow temperatures. Good luck John Thorup

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Robert Oertner


Re: mixed technology | 6 November, 1999

If you are talking about reflowing surfacemount on the solder side of the assembly, that is accomplished by gluing the smt components to the bottom of the board. I recomend that you use a chip wave in conjuction with the normal wave to get the best results and run so the smt devices are parralel to the wave. If you are talking about thru-hole and smt on the topside of the assembly, I have had some success with using a dispensing machine to add paste to the leads of thru-hole components then reflowingin the normal fashion for smt. But you have to be sure that your thru-hole components can handle the heat of your reflow process.

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