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ESD safe handling baskets

Hany A. Salam


ESD safe handling baskets | 2 November, 1999

Hi there IN our facility we made a prototype for a handling basket utilizing the empty trays of the our used chips like TSOP's. We have embeded them into a metal frame. Now I ask if this can work as an ESD safe handling baskets.

thankyou Hany

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Re: ESD safe handling baskets | 2 November, 1999

Well...maybe. First you would have to determine what type of trays you have. Conductive, dissipative or non conductive(non static generating). Dissipative would be your best choice. In the charged body model, the sudden discharge through a conductive basket could be damaging. Non conductive would not be as good as a plain cardboard box. I guess it comes down to what you are trying to protect and/or carry and its level of static sensitivity. And, of course, how much spare time that you have. Your basket would not meet ESD standards for Faraday cage protection unless it was equipped with a dissipative lid and the open nature of an IC tray would not perform the other function of an IC or assembly carrier I.E keeping the contents clean. Also, if you have outside customers they would likely insist on some sort of validation by test. In short, nice idea but probably not practical. By the way, the SemiCycle Foundation will gladly supply you with shipping boxes and pay the freight to divert these trays from landfills and convert them into charitable donations (in the USA). Good luck and keep trying the cost saving ideas. John Thorup

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Adel Zaky.


Re: ESD safe handling baskets | 10 November, 1999

Mr. John A coleague of mine insisted to ask you about using a normal general purpose plastic baskets for handling the PCA's. He sujests to cover the interior of the baskets using some kind of ESD safe material(like those special ESD safe bags) to avoid the danger of sparks generated by the static charges on the plastic surfaces of the baskets. He had a tour in some big factories producing computer add-on cards at TAIWAN & he says that they handle the PCA's this way. What do you think about it?

Thankyou & best regards.

NB: I ask you kindly if it is possible to write in simpler English ,this could be very useful for me & many others. This request is from you & from all members with the English mother tongue language. Adel Zaki

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Re: ESD safe handling baskets | 10 November, 1999

I would be afraid to have this kind of basket holding my boards. Yes, in most cases, you would not get damage if the boards were closed inside of a good, metalized (silver colored) ESD protective bag. The problem is that the boards usually have to come out of the bag to have something done to them. That is when they could be damaged. Another problem is that the bags wear out, get torn and don't work. Just lining the basket with some kind of material would be more dangerous. Having any kind of plastic that can generate and hold a static charge may be a risk. If cost is a concern, ordinary cardboard boxes would be better. They won't make a static charge and they absorb some moisture (water) from the air so they are a little like an ESD bag. As far as the other factories, maybe the plastic containers were anti-static. You can't always tell by looking. Maybe they were treated (sprayed)with something. Maybe they had ionizers to kill the static charge. Maybe the air was very moist and static can't build up. Or maybe they were just taking a chance. I'm not suggesting that you get a catalog and spend many dollars. Read and learn, buy some minimal test equipment, discover and fix the problems that you find. Good luck, I hope that this has helped John Thorup

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