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Fred Lockard


Siemens | 30 October, 1999

Can someone explain how the vision systems on the Siemens machines work? ( grayscale )

Thank you,

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Re: Siemens | 31 October, 1999

Could you be a little more specific. Are you asking how it works as far as wiring, controller, or in how it measures a component?

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Re: Siemens | 3 November, 1999

How it measures a component? What it looks for? How it centers the component? How it destinguishes the leads from the body? Other info is just a added bonus!

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Re: Siemens | 5 November, 1999

Fred, The system will base itself on the information within the GF file. In the GF file you provide the description as to the physical dimensions, features, tolerances and handling for the part.

Once the component has picked up the image, it is "seen" as bits of the component which are then assigned a value.The number assigned is dependant upon the brightnes/color the camera sees. These values are used to generate a profile.

The profile is then evaluated, there are many ways for this to happen and you are able to control them to a cetain extent. You also have the ability to alter the values assigned to the image itself. I have in the past used this to "even out the playing field" for fiducials and reduce fiducial errors. You may also use this feature to enhance parts of the component.

What the vision system looks for is dependant upon the description given within the GF file. The centering of the component is a function of different parameters some of which you can either enable/disable and what the vision sees as the component.

Distinction between the leads and the body is based of of the profile it creates as well as the method being used to evaluate the profilel.

Siemens does have a GF class available. You may also make refernce to your software manual. It has a section on GFs and it would be a good start. Ask your Siemens rep for the GF training manual. It will provide excellent detail.

I hope this has been helpful. Nick

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