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Re: Anti-Static Foam

Larry Johnson


Anti-Static Foam | 27 October, 1999

I am looking for some Anti-static foam to use as board supports in our machines. Foam would have to be around an inch thick, and very firm. Does anyone know where I could find some of this.


Larry J

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Re: Anti-Static Foam | 27 October, 1999

How about some of the more rigid materials like the commercial fixture manufacturers use to machine solder/assembly fixtures from? Glastic, an anti-static version of Delmat and proprietary materials from MB manufacturing come to mind. Search the archives for more. You can buy the material or the complete fixtures. If you're really looking for foam, McMaster-Carr has 18"x24" sheets of 1/2" conductive ether-polyurethane. This is a 6lb/cu foot density with a 25% deflection @100lbs. Compare to the regular IC protective foam @1.2lb/cu foot and 25% deflection @ 31 lbs. Hope this helps John Thorup

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Re: Anti-Static Foam | 28 October, 1999

If your looking for fixtures or conductive/static dissipative material for support, try EMC Global Technologies in PA. 215-340-0650.

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