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Laser Soldering BGAs for Rework?

Aaron Unterborn


Laser Soldering BGAs for Rework? | 27 October, 1999

Looking for information on the laser soldering process related to reworking array type packages? Some say it is possible... I have my doubts.

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Re: Laser Soldering BGAs for Rework? | 31 October, 1999

Check out Panasonic FA (Soft Beam) think they might be able to provide you with additional information.

Just my two cents.

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Steve Evers


It's possible | 3 November, 1999

...Just not sure you'd want to pay for it just yet. NdYAG wavelength, slightly diffused beam, tightly moderated power and amplitude control. Add to that a laser safe enclosure that insists on watching your work through a dark green filtered window or an optional video display and your up to about 200K. AND that doesn't even cover the beam splitter and look up/down alignment system.

So, I haven't seen the advantages to laser in this application. After all all it does is slowly warm the package through conduction untill the package has gotten so hot it in turn melts the solder. My point? You can do the same thing with a hot gas nozzle, or focused IR for alot less money yet with similar results.

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