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Flux paste volume



Flux paste volume | 25 October, 1999


Is the volume of flux paste critical over reflow temp. profile and belt speed?.

thanks, nards

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Re: Flux paste volume | 26 October, 1999

Hi nards I'm not quite sure what your question is. If you mean is paste volume more important than the reflow profile the answer is no. Belt speed is just a part of creating a reflow profile and all aspects I.E. pasting, placing and reflow are just part of the whole system and they all have to be working properly. If you don't have enough paste and you have a perfect profile your results will be bad and if you have a perfect volume of solder paste but you don't melt it properly your results will be bad. You can get some good information by searching the archives of this forum and you might want to pick up a good book or two. Klein-Wassink and Manko come to mind. I hope I managed to hit somewhere near what you were asking. John Thorup

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