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Re: CIM Software

John Burris


CIM Software | 22 October, 1999

What software do you use for machine programming? I'm not interested in documentation features, as I have a seperate process that works very well. What programs do you use, what features do you like and dislike?

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Dan Lambert


Re: CIM Software | 25 October, 1999


You should look at CircuitCAM software if you're interested in off-line machine programming from CAD or Gerber data.


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John Burris


Re: CIM Software | 8 November, 1999

I just wanted to thank all of you who responded via e-mail to me regarding this subject. After a lot of looking and talking, I decided to keep using Unicam. I'm working on adapting my use of UC to fit my process a bit better, and hopfully, more efficently. Not that other programs aren't any good, but the investment I've made in UC seems to require a least staying the course, and working it out.

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