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in need of smt book

jacob lacourse


in need of smt book | 21 October, 1999

I was hoping to find a book that delt primarily on solderability of different metals, fluxes that are compatible with certain pastes and anything else along those line.

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Re: in need of smt book | 21 October, 1999

Jacob The most comprehensive book on soldering I have seen is Soldering In Electronics by R.J. Klein Wassing and available from Electrochemical Publications in the UK. Another is Solders and Soldering by Howard Manko from McGraw-Hill John Thorup

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Re: in need of smt book | 22 October, 1999

I agree with John, but Manko has also published 'Soldering Handbook for Printed Circuits and Surface Mounting' (van Nostrand Reinhold, a little more practical and less strong on the theory of his classic one, which is beginning to date (1st published 1964). In the Electrochemical Publications series, there is also 'Manufacturing Techniques for Surface Mounted Assemblies' by R.J. Klein Wassink and M.M.F. Verguld. This is by far the best general book on SMT Assembly that I know of and roughly half of its 500-odd pages is devoted to issues related to soldering. If every contributor to this forum looked up his problem in this book before posting a message, the listings would be cut by at least 50% :-) Well worth buying!

(No! I get nothing for the sales of these books, as I've been accused of!)


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Chris May


Re: in need of smt book | 22 October, 1999


Have a look in Farnell page 1896 pt. No. 198-870 @ �50.00 SMT Soldering Handbook.

OR for the "Bible", try to source "Soldering in Electronics" by R.J. Klein Wassink.



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