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re-balled BGAs

David Steele


re-balled BGAs | 21 October, 1999

Would like to know if anyone has determined, through testing, the long term reliability of re-balled BGAs.

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Chris May


Re: re-balled BGAs | 22 October, 1999

We are not into BGA Tech (yet !), but I was discussing other issues with a knowledgable individual, who said that they do not reball BGA's.

What they do, is to have a piece of glass, apply some flux to the glass and then drag the BGA across the glass. The BGA is placed onto existing soldered pads and reflowed with "good results".

As I have said, I have no personal knowledge of BGA's, but this is yet another possible idea.......worth a try to evaluate maybe.



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Re: re-balled BGAs | 25 October, 1999

David: Most of the focus of current reliabilty testing seems to be in the area of void creation. Motorla does not use reworked BGAs. There's a source for that somewhere on SMTnet. You can find it in the archives.


Dave F

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