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Forum icons | 21 October, 1999


A half-question/half suggestion. In the thread about whether gloves are necessary on the SMT forum, I replied but, because I considered that the subject is much more far-reaching than the original poster thought, I ticked other forums, as well. However, there is no clue in the listing that the thread has been "promoted" to other forums. I assume that the complete thread will therefore not appear in these others. The question is whether the message will, obviously out of context? The suggestion is that the list of forum icons appearing at the first post on a thread should be upgradeable to include what responders think, as well. That one will require a couple of Alka-Seltzers to digest and implement, I bet!


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Re: Forum icons | 22 October, 1999


That should be the case, and I will check it to see if it does have that information showing. The leading message should contain all forums that all messages in the thread to which they pertain.

It is currently capped at 4 icons, so that it doesn't look strange, but it will have a "+" eventually.

Thanks for the comments, Cliff

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