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Industry SMA's for evaluation | 20 October, 1999

I am developing a D.O.E for Surface Mount Adhesives and was wondering if anyone out there had any recommendations on a certain brand. I currently have samples of Loctite 3609, 3615, 3618, Heraeus PD955M and MA-420 by Lord Chemicals. I understand Ciba Geigy has an adhesive as well. Anybody know what it's called? What about Amicon? Any others worth looking at? Also, we have recently seen some solder bridging defects under our 0805 components. We've traced this back to the ol' "voids in the adhesive" M.O. We've made some adjustments to our curing profile to improve the situation. Does anyone know if there is an adhesive out there that has low hydroscopic (moisture absorption) qualities?



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