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Wave process w/Alpha Metal 310M



Wave process w/Alpha Metal 310M | 18 October, 1999

I am in need of information relating to wave process using Alpha Metal 310M. Residue on product, its impact on the testing process? SIR testing, data results. Has anyone washed / not washed while using this flux? Differences in results.

Thanks in advance Nick

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Re: Wave process w/Alpha Metal 310M | 19 October, 1999


I've run this flux for a while and it's not too bad. There is a tendancy for there to be residue left on the PCB after wave due to the solid's content but it can be minised by putting some effort into setting up your spray fluxer to an optimum. The flux isn't belcore approved so some folk's won't use it. Solderballing is fairly minimal with it and flow through is great ( as long as the rest of the process is set right). The flux is a no clean flux so don't wash it otherwise the PCB's will be really messy, contact alpha if you really need to clean the residues or look at some of the other flux's, they are about to release one calle 330 which is suppost to be better and leave's less residues or so I hear. In term's of impact on testing, if your putting too much flux down your going to get contact problems so it's important to spend some real time getting it right but once that happen's there shouldn't be any problems. I've not done much in the way of SIR test's but the one's I did do were ok.


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