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Fingers on Wave Machines



Fingers on Wave Machines | 17 October, 1999

I'm interested in the various ways to assure that the fingers on a wave machine are not bent or crooked - beyond a monthly or quarterly maintenance regimen. In fact, how do you know all's well even right after maintenance? That is, making sure that fingers are not bent or crooked beyond a simple look with the eyeball. Also, how to monitor this continuously? And, is there a way to obtain an actual measurement of how "perfect" or bent the finger(s) are? Will appreciate the approaches others are taking.

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Re: Fingers on Wave Machines | 18 October, 1999

Each month:

1 Follow your regimen of inspection and replacement of pathetic looking fingers 2 Routinely replace every Xth finger each month. (Or something like that) Select the "X" based on your local conditions. Obviously, the replacements should be clearly documented in your equipment log to ensure that you get good coverage.

You can almost never maintain a wave too much!!!

Good goin'

Dave F

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Re: Fingers on Wave Machines | 22 October, 1999

I understand what you're looking for, criteria which determmines a good or bad finger. I have not found anything as cut and dried at that, we just eyeball them. If they are very bad they should stick out like a sore thumb. We check for them each shift. A few bent fingers will do a lot of damage to finger cleaners, guards and so on.

Bent fingers also increase the chances of flooded boards, especially random flooded boards. Example, when an assignable cause is sought to a particular flooded board, no one knows why it happened, the 50 assemblies before and after it were fine, the machine must be broke, when in fact one assembly got loaded on two particularly bad fingers. You can end up chasing your tail on finding something like this.

Fix them fingers early and often, Boca

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