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Jeff Sanchez


New Forums | 13 October, 1999

Gee Thanks Cliff. Ounce again you wiped out all my cookies and now I have to start over. I guess that's progress? Just givin heck. It looks nice but I am not sure if it was really needed? I will play with it and like everything else It will be one of those value added things that we will learn to appreciate. Much thanks ........Jeff Sanchez

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Re: New Forums | 13 October, 1999


Your cookies should not have been affected, but there was a problem in the conversion with the mysmtnet page, which has been fixed.

Although there is a slightly different appearence in the display of the foruum, much of what is different is in the backend. It has a much better storage system, and can handle high traffic. It also allows for easier maintenence and implementation of new features.

There may be some more conversion problems, but I suspect most are taken care of now.

Thanks for your input, Cliff

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