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Use of chip bonding adhesive.

Mark Quealy


Use of chip bonding adhesive. | 6 October, 1999

I have an adhesive dispenser in my workcenter but I rarely use it. I've replaced this process with wavesolder pallets for bottom side PTH soldering, ocassionally gluing parts left exposed by the pallet. So I was thinking of selling the dispensing equipment. There has been objections raised that the automatic dispensing capability is an integral part of any SMT operation. Do your shops have automatic dispensers? Do they have a high utilization? Is your dispenser a stand alone or mounted to your P&P? Mark

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Mike Cooper


Re: Use of chip bonding adhesive. | 6 October, 1999

Yes. We use high speed dispensing (PanasonicFA)as an integral part of our PCB assembly. Our business is automotive electronics and our typical product is 2-sided smd with some through hole. We assemble topside first, through hole, then bottomside. The adhesive dispensing is integral to bottomside chip,SOT,and MELF mounting. Bottomsdie is wave soldered. Much effort went into selecting the right adhesive for our application (loctite product). The dispensing equipment has 80+% utilization.

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