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Preventing improper parts being loaded

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Preventing improper parts being loaded | 25 June, 2020

I'd love to see a thread focused on various methodologies used for general inventory management schemes, but primarily on procedures to ensure the proper parts get loaded on the pick and place.

We have an Assembleon pick and place, so there is no feeder intelligence or barcode scanning. It is incredible manually dependant, and time-consuming to check the part on reels to ensure they are in the correct feeder slot.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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Preventing improper parts being loaded | 25 June, 2020

There is a fairly recent one. And all the conculsions need things you don't have.

Buddy loading - so one person loading one verifying everything. Barcodes - gets rid of people misreading labels mixing up 4k7 with 47K or nbot seeing a decimal point or worse, reading handwriting. Component verification so the machine tests the first part picked. Smart feeders - its best use is the wrong slot issue. To me its a must, I won't go back to dumb feeders. Extra care during replenishment, this seems to be the key time loading error occur.

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Preventing improper parts being loaded | 29 June, 2020

The only way is to get a whole system that is smart - there are several out there. I had Mycronic towers, Mycronic machines and smart feeders and all is connected together. Plus the machine measures values for all passive components. Once machine makes attempt to pick a part it is subtracting it from the inventory, so end up having pretty accurate number of what is left on the reel. Everything else will be slow, tedious, manual, and still constantly having escapes.

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Preventing improper parts being loaded | 30 June, 2020

The best I saw was two people set up and then two other people verify the set up. They still managed to wrong parts on. Day shift loaded the parts but did not have time for the independent check. Afternoon thought that the second check had been done.

At another place to help with inventory we used excel and word to print labels with barcodes. There is a barcode font that if used correctly can print barcodes. We then used the mailing list to print the labels.

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Preventing improper parts being loaded | 30 June, 2020

Manual method is always risky. Evening with all sorts of scanning people are loading it wrongly. Below are the recommendations I have. (Kindly comment if anything don't seems to be a solution)

1) peer to peer check - once loaded check the value using smart tweezer.

2) Always keep only required reel with the operator for loading (say if you are loading xyz part only keep that part reel alone while loading)

3) Make line operator to do only loading and allocate common manpower for check reel available in line for loading.

4) Provide frequent training and conduct blind test.

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Preventing improper parts being loaded | 1 July, 2020

Previous thread for reference

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