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What is the issue?

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What is the issue? | 31 July, 2020

I have attached few X ray images along with its components.

I am regularly getting this issue from the same component.

What is the root cause for this??

Is it component issue or my process issues.

Kindly enlight me.


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What is the issue? | 31 July, 2020

Interesting one. I your machine placement algorithm capable to catch missing ball on the BGA while placing? Second question will be about component itself - datasheet will probably help. BGA body amterial? BGA balls alloy? BGA pad material before balling process? PCB chemistry and finish?

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What is the issue? | 31 July, 2020

Yes our M/C is having the capability. I will also double check it is enabled in this component.

PCB - OSP finish.

I will check the component data sheet for your other questions.

Thanks for the response.

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What is the issue? | 4 August, 2020

Is the component an LGA or BGA? If its a BGA, it appears like the component is missing balls, if its an LGA, it appears like the solder isn't wetting to the component.

What solder are you using? The wetting to the larger pads in the last pic seems marginal. Maybe you're drying out your flux before reflow?

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What is the issue? | today at 03:16 AM

It's a BGA component.

Missing ball is not possible because we have enabled the vision in pick and place.

Solder paste is OM353 type 5

Possibilities of Flux dry before reflow seems valid but I saw the board data it was completed on time like other boards. And we are keeping the soak withing recommended.

I could not see any data regarding the BGA ball material in data sheet.


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